Everyone wants a home of their own, pay their debts and/or mortgage, and live stressless. A luxury lifestyle seems to be just a long term idea or even a beautiful dream. But in the moment that you become to be the right person, in the right place at the right time; it’s when we appear.

Mexico is turning into an progressively popular place for foreigners to buy and invest in a property, either as second home, vacation or retirement home.

There are plenty of destinations where to get a high-end place that includes everything you could ever wanted or needed. What about to find a residential located 1600 ft (500 meters) from the San Diego border?  -Let us guide you Home!- We are NewCity Residencial, a luxury condo in a high value area, that can make you genereate profits just by renting. Feel confident that you can make the best decision about finding a place that is viewed from across the border.

It has more than 40 amenities and services paying 50% less than the market value in San Diego.

The residential offers a 100% familiar, dynamic and safe environment for everyone, additionally of being Pet Friendly. Where you and your family can live on vacation all year around and at the level you are looking for. Our amenities include the areas of:

  • NewCity Family
  • NewCity Kids
  • NewCity Sports
  • NewCity Social
  • NewCity Business

A safe zone to invest, that has access control 24/7

Moreover, you can secure your future and make your retirement easy.

Offering a low-price cost of living, lowest maintanance fees , and the most accessibles overseas from the USA; since you could drive from border to border whenever you needed.

Take the opportunity that the American government has lower your mortgage interest.

Realizing that is conceivable to pay your home mortgage and contribute simultaneously.  Refinancing a mortgage has never had so many benefits.

House prices in Mexico are incredibly affordable compared to other similar destinations. Reduce your cost of living  by 150 % approxximadetly. Savings in living in Tijuana are insane comparing with San Diego.

The growth in capital increases value is the highest in the entire country, guarantees your investement with all the comforts. Make the smarter choices to growth your money.

In the same way, if you plan to stay in Mexico for an long period of time, it might be convienient for you to have your own place instead of wasting your money in hotel bills. This means that right now is an incredible time to invest in a residential, whether you want a gateway home or an ongoing rental income.

As a foreigner you can embraced homeownership in Tijuana. The laws in Mexico allow foreigners to buy and sell properties, making this a good opportunity to generate profits.

There are credits available in banks for foreigners to obtain properties even outside the restricted zone.

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will arrange an appointment.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and advise with more details.

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